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Nov 2, 2013 6:30am PDT
world a lot more connected. >> it's definitely humbling. >> reporter: he's been compared to steve jobs. >> we are calling it iphone. >> reporter: and like jobs, he was booted from the company he helped found back in 2008. but don't feel too bad for dorsey. he launched another successful start-up, square. >> twitter is focused around communication. this is around commerce. i think they're both fundamental to humanity. >> reporter: square lets any business accept credit cards through a square card reader that attached to smartphones. revolutionary for small businesses. >> it will go into the international company. >> reporter: today, he juggles two blooming brands. he stands to make $469 million from his 5% stake in twitter when it goes public. as for square, it processes $15 billion a transaction each year from the local coffee shops all the way to starbucks. valued at more than $5 billion, dorsey owns about a third of it. he also has his hands in video streaming service, a social media based online store. he invested early in the start-up, like instagram, kickstarter and four squa
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1